Friday Favorites


Happy Friday yall!!! Praise Jesus. For real, been a tough week, heck a tough couple weeks. Anyway, linking up with some of my favorites ladies, yall go see what everyone else is professing their love for today.


A Little Bit of Everything

Grace and Love

1. This bracelet yall. If yall read this past week’s A Better Daughter posts, you’ll understand, my momma surprised me with this bracelet this week. I love it. My cord is actually gray but everything else is the same. I’m not catholic, but my father was raised catholic and wore a St. Benedict metal around his neck until he passed. Plus I LOVE catholic religious art. Anyway, momma surprised me with this and took some time to thank me. Made my heart feel good. Ok, sorry for being so wordy but this bracelet is awesome. And what’s even better than the bracelet is the wordage that comes with the bracelet.

Each one of us has the chance to make our world a better place every single day. We do so by choosing to do what is right and good, and choosing to avoid what is wrong. God has given us an internal sensor that helps us seek good and avoid evil; it’s called our conscience. He has also given us the Holy Spirit to keep our conscience strong and clear, but we will find it hard to say no to temptation and sin. This bracelet is an extra help in your battle to make the world a better place and follow the path to heaven.

Yall, it just touched me so deeply. Go look at their website and see if yall find something that touches or encourages you.

Benedictine Blessing Bracelet


Sigh…so…This picture. It has a story to it and although the story is tragic, this picture, this man, they touched me. Last Wednesday, my friend Joe chose to end his life. It’s left his family and friends devastated, but more importantly, his 6 kids have lost their daddy. The funeral was Tuesday, at the cemetery, I saw one of Joe’s kids grab my friend John’s hands and walk towards the casket. John stopped and knelled down to talk to him, and I snapped this real quick. I can’t even put into words what this past week and half has felt like for everyone but seeing this man, my friend, knowing that he loved Joe, knowing that he loves his kids, that Joe’s kids have a man they can trust and depend on, something told me everything was going to be ok.



I’ve reveled a lot about trying to be a better mother, and I’m the first to acknowledge that I fail daily. But this week, Kenidee made this. Even if I fail every single day for the rest of my life, if my child knows that she’s loved, I’m doing something right.



I have to have these. My birthday, Christmas, just cause. Dear husband, dear momma…dear anyone. First of all, they’re Toms, second, animal print, that’s a neutral, third of all, skinny jeans and booties for the win.


These cookies! I first had one probably 3 years ago. There was a cute little bakery that opened in the next town over. My mom and stopped in one day and found out the bakery was owned by the daughter and right next door was an art studio that did classes for painting, stained glass, and so much more, and it was owned by the mom. But anyway, we stopped in again this week and indulged in a few more Salted Caramel Cookies. Heaven yall. Plus they let us know they’re now shipping. Yall try one if you’re local, if not, order some. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Salted Caramel Cookies

I hope yall have a fabulous weekend. Tomorrow is the big chili tasting party so I’ll be up bright and early cooking 4 kinds totaling about 10 pounds. Plus it’s set to rain all weekend, so as long as I don’t have to get wet, it’s sounding like a perfect weekend. My family, friends, chili, and rain.




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