A Better Wife: Embracing the differences


Black and white. Apples and oranges. Oil and water. Separate they’re different. Together, they can create perfection. I’ve talked about how different my husband and I are, specifically I spoke about how we were raised. But even our identities as adults, as parents, they’re different too.

I remember the day I met my husband. He was in cargo shorts, a old t-shirt which had lost its sleeves long ago, lace up boots, scruffy, quiet. It all attracted me, he was the quiet, mysterious, county…I was smitten. But it wasn’t long before I started finding fault in him. We were different, he did things differently than how I would, he thought things opposite to my thoughts.

I wouldn’t want to marry my twin, he’d drive me crazy. So why would I want someone to be just like me.

I wish I didn’t have this bossy, my way is the right way nature. But I do, all I can do is work towards changing my actions and thoughts.

I’m so good about encouraging him, loving him, but what I’ve realized is that no matter how much I encourage him and love him, if I don’t embrace our differences, let him have his own identity that’s different than mine, then I’m not truly embracing the whole him.

I’m going to work on this yall, we are different, we talk different, we dress different, we think different, but he is the jelly to my peanut butter, the peas to my carrots, my everything.

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