A Better Sister: Embracing the difference

Growing up my younger brother and I were the best of friends or chasing each other around the house with knives, kidding, ok not really.

We’re 14 months apart, we’ve done so many things together in life, and yet for each team, school, sickness, and so many other things that we tackled together, we’ve always been very different people.

From the very get go, he was my baby. Maybe it was my bossy nature or my bossy nature but I’ve always walked a very fine line of sister or mother and more often than not, I acted like his mother.

The older we got, the more the differences became apparent. School was so enjoyable to me, the academic part at least. It came easy. School was enjoyable for him too, but the social aspect more so than the academic. I was the straight A student who no one knew, and yet a grade below me was my brother. President of student body, voted best dressed, very much so liked by the girls, popular in every part of the word. Many did not even know we were related.

We’re older now but the differences still remain. We’ve taken two different roads in life. I’m married, a momma, I guess you could say settled into life. My brother is a self proclaimed life time student, but what he doesn’t admit to so freely is that he put his education on the back burner for many years to help others. But he’s focused on his future now and will be done very soon. He’s in a relationship. He’s still a social butterfly and very well known in our town. He’s finding his way in life. We both will, in our own time and in our own way.

No matter the differences, there is no one in this world more like me. And there is no one in the world more like him than me. We competed for so long that sometimes we forget we’re on the same team. We’ve fought the same battles, together.

My bossy nature still rears its ugly head sometimes and as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes I have failed in supporting him. Sometimes I look at how different we are and forget to support him, instead I judge and belittle him and his journey.

I have to remind myself that although we’ve gone down two separate roads, our roads intertwine, merge together, and separate again more than any two other people. We are different, God created us this way, but there’s so much that is the same. We have the same eyes, the same noses, the same hairline, the same upbringing, the same hurts, the same frights. One day, I know we will be all each other has.

So what that we’re in two different places in life, that doesn’t make me right or him wrong. Our differences make us stronger together.

My brother and I a few years ago at the MS 150. In two days he rode 150 miles on a bicycle for raise money for multiple sclerosis. Told you he’s awesome!

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