Friday Favorites





Two posts in one day, woo hoo!!! No really, I just needed something to brighten my day, writing about failing as a parent and acknowledging how I can improve put a damper on my mood. But hey, this morning we had a donut date (storm blew the electricity out last night, so no breakfast at home) and we had an easy drop off. I’m calling that a win.

Anyway, linking up with some of my favorites ladies, yall go see what everyone else is professing their love for today.


Last Friday, Keniee’s daycare had a school wide picnic, everyone brought their own lunches. Kenidee chose to bring salad and trail mix. Go figure.



New hair!!!! Yall I am so over the moon to finally be getting somewhere with my hair. Back in March I went in to have it cut and lightened and a SERIOUS disaster took place. I had orange hair for weeks, it literally melted off.  Seven months later my hair is finally accepting color.



Garlic…Butter…Bread! Yum. When we lived in Las Vegas growing up, there was this little pizza and wing place we’d order from at least once a week and they had Garlic Knots. I would literally make myself sick with them. Haven’t tasted one in probably 12 plus years. And then I found this! And it’s made with canned biscuit dough, you better believe I will try these. Yall can try them too, recipe is HERE.

garlic knots


Aren’t these cute? And I think everyone has most the stuff to make these at home. After Halloween is put up and I know the house will need a little bit more, I think I’m going to make these, and not even as place card holders, I think they’d be precious spaced out around the house. HERE are the instructions is anyone needs them.

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Place Cards via @tarynatddd


31 Days Challenge. Yall just go and read, be inspired, be touched, cry, laugh. I’m only on day 3, but I can already tell the topic I chose to challenge myself with is going to change me.

 Hope yall have fabulous weekend. We’re off to shop for chili ingredients tomorrow. Our little town has a big chili cook off every year, this year Jeff’s job is competing in it, but prior to it, we’re going to cook up 4 different recipes to see which one everyone picks as their favorite and that will be the one they cook for the competion.


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